Snap Capper

Snap Capping Machines

Spindle Cappers, sometimes referred to as Roller Screw Cappers, work by passing a bottle and it cap between a set of spinning spindles or discs that transmit their rotary motion to the cap causing it to turn in place. Spindle Capping machines can come in semi automatic tighteners or fully automatic capping systems that automatically place and torque caps onto containers. These types of machines can be used to cap nearly every shape and size of round lug or screw type cap, including one with odd tips or trigger tops. Semi-Auto and Automatic models are capable of significantly faster speeds, up to 200 CPM, then their chuck capping counter parts. Beyond those speeds a rotary chuck cappers would be the best solution.






Low Production Volume

Semi-automatic Snap Capper


Semi-Automatic Spindle Tighteners require someone to manually place caps onto containers. Speed are operator dependant.

Average-High Production Volume

Automatic Snap Capper

In-line Automatic

Automatic Spindle Cappers automatically place and tighten caps onto containers. These systems are great for projects ranging from 30 up to 200+ containers per minute.

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