ROPP Capper

ROPP Capping Machines

ROPP Cappers, or Roll-On Pilfer Proof Cappers, are designed to thread and seal aluminum cap onto rigid containers. The operation of a ROPP capper involves placing an aluminum cap shell over the top of a container. The cappers heads roll around the shell pressing it against the bottle neck so that its shape conforms with the threads, lips, ridges, or other projection that have been molded onto surface. ROPP cappers are general used for wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages that require a tamper-proof cap to show that the bottle has not been opened. However roll on caps can be used with nearly any rigid container and aluminum cap.






Low Production Volume

Semi-automatic ROPP Capper


Semi-Automatic Spindle Tighteners require someone to manually place caps onto containers. Speeds depend on the operator.

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